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Being Hunter S Thompson


It struck me today, while brushing my teeth – as it so often does, that it is useless and impossible in every way that I know of to truly be someone else. To walk in their shoes and see the world as they see it.

I had been watching The Prestige and the twin paradox struck me. No matter how convincing they were in play the same man, they were ultimately different and saw the world with their own unique eyes. (I’m trying not to spoil anything, and probably failed.) Then it struck me that it is in fact impossible even if we’d allow for infinite parallel multiverses and infinite possibilities. If I were for example to swap places with a person in another universe, then I could not possibly “be” that person and observe through their eyes. I’d be me in that persons guise and vice versa. Maybe not the deepest of observations, but pretty good for something you realize when brushing your teeth.

It’s no secret that I have a special place in my warped mind for Hunter Thompson. It’s a fascination that has bordered on obsession on many occasions. And as much as I’d like to actually be my idol I know that it is impossible and not really desirable. His style of living was his alone and suited to his psyche.

I’ve seen quite a few people try to imitate his style of writing on various blogs and forums, but they usually get called out for it. “I know mr Hunter S Thompson, and you good sir are not him”
But there is a twist to this. Early in his life when Hunter had decided to become a great American writer he copied out among other texts “The Great Gatsby” on his typewriter. To feel the music and flow of the words.

Now Hunter did become the great American writer, but not by being Fitzgerald. No, he wrote until he found his own voice. It has become known as Gonzo, a word he made his own. At some point I’d like to find my own particular voice, to write my novel. It is all a folly right now, but who knows? Stranger things are yet to come after all.

Enough soft brained mumblings for now…

//The Dude

Covers – Re(tro)made


I stumbled upon these two piccie-galleries of classicified covers for movies and videogames. Clicky the links below :)

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//The Dude

Terry Pratchett: “Flabbergasted”


Terry Pratchett to Receive Knighthood

One of our favorite writers is up for a big honor — a knighthood for his services to literature. We hope that this will help bring attention to his fight against dementia, both public and personal.

Thanks for signing Small Gods for me and the best of luck! :)

//The Dude

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